Prototypes taps into potential that lies idle. Rather than producing new garments, the design collective opts for an approach focused on strategies of upcycling and repurposing. In three conceptually interwoven lines, Prototypes facilitates a sustainable attitude towards making and wearing fashion. Out with the new and in with the old.

Prototypes core offering is the Second Life Line, which make use of deadstock fabric and garments to create new pieces of clothing. The opportunities are plentiful and there is no reason why nine football scarves can't be a one-of-a-kind-jumpsuit or why a table cloth can't be a dress. Not everyone is trained in fashion design, though, so Prototypes would like to offer some guidance: The Proto Packs equip those with the will and desire to do it themselves with a manual and sewing patterns to do so.

Each Proto Pack allows to replicate a style from the Second Life Line and comes in different difficulty levels. Almost anyone can create a hoodie out of two old sweatpants that are laying around. An even smaller effort is required for the Proto Prints: the transfer prints can be ironed onto any garment, allowing for the customization of, for example, a t-shirt you have been tired of wearing before. It's fun and easy, like a tattoo with no consequences. And of course, all the material used for the packaging is biodegradable and the labels are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The minds behind this operation met through work in Zurich.

In January 2021, they decided to put their money where their mouth is and ten months later, well, here we are. You can find the Second Life Line, Proto Packs as well as Proto Prints online and in selected stores. With concepts that are encouraging individual expression and an approach centered around sustainability, Prototypes wants to pave the way, with you right by their side. Consequently, the launch on October 16, 2021 will be equally engaging. While showcasing the Second Life Line, people will get a hands-on idea of what Prototypes is all about.